Tuesday’s Tech Tips: How to take Photographs for eBay and E-Commerce, Inexpensively

Tuesday’s Tech Tips: How to take Photographs for eBay and E-Commerce, Inexpensively


With an inexpensive lightbox kit, it is easy to take better lit photographs of small objects.

We do not sell these kits, but they are easy to find. If you would like to purchase a kit of your own, the easiest way to shop is to start at an online vendor, like Amazon.com, and use the search function to find a product with good reviews, from a vendor with good reviews, that meets your needs and fits your budget. Try searching for “light box”, “lightbox”, “light tent” or “studio in a box”, for example. As with any purchase, take your time, read the reviews and descriptions carefully, and make sure the kit includes everything you might need, such as lights, a tripod, backgrounds, etc. Also make sure the kit will meet your needs in terms of size, portability, etc. Please note that Active DataComm is not affiliated with Amazon.com, nor the manufacturers of light box products or their vendors, and does not endorse any particular online vendor nor manufacturer.

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