Top 10 Items to Sell on eBay and Make Money

Top ten best things to sale on Ebay.
#10 – Curtains.
Yeah Curtains, turns out people like them and apparently a great place to get them or sale them is on E-bay. So many different styles and taste there is a curtain for everyone, on average you could easily sale your curtains for 30 dollars or more.
#9 – Shoes
Even more than curtains people like shoes, all types and styles from the practical to the purely fashion fueled. Shoes sale fast and to alot of customers. Average price is around 15-20 dollars. They even have shoes specifically designed to be used with the next item on our list.
#8 – Bikes
Bikes make our number 8 spot because they really are making a comeback, with more and more people being ecologically conscience and of course economically conscious Bikes make a lot of sense for both reasons. Also with the added benefit of improving your Health. At around 100 dollars selling or buying them is a good bet. Especially since they are searched for more than shoes are.
#7 – Garden Furniture.
Yep Garden furniture, starting to seem the more useful something is, the more people want it. People search for garden furniture more than our previous items on this list. Of course you can get just bits and pieces or whole sets, prices float in the 200 dollar range if your picky and want everything to match.
#6 – Chest Of Drawers
Not furniture in general no, Specifically Chest of drawers. I had the same question, why? turns out an E-bay rep felt the need to answer that as for some reason many people had a hard time wrapping their head around it (including me) he said “They fall into a sweet spot because they are an item at a good price point”. He is right about the price though, 75-80 dollars is not too shabby.
#5 – Lego.
Not a huge surprise this would be somewhere on this list. everyone loves legos, unless its dark, and you aren’t wearing any shoes.
And at an average of 20 dollars and even more searches than chest of drawers you can usually find better deals on E-bay for legos, Unless you want a set no longer in production, then get comfortable with spending a huge amount of money.
#4 – Vintage
That word gets searched more than the rest of our contenders. This means you just need to make new stuff look old, or make some really old stuff new again, and you will be in business. Anything with a Nostalgic feel to it is guaranteed to get you on average 30-40 dollars. I think I might have some “vintage” jeans in a box in my garage.
#3 – Watches

Almost doubling the times Lego is searched for, watches are a hit on E-bay. Classic Casio, SEIKO and Swatch being the top contenders for searches. Mostly for fashion or style nowadays, as the correct time is never far away.on Average you stand to make or spend about 40 dollars. A watch makes a statement. Even those that dont have watches still look at their wrists when someone asks the time.
#2 – Woman’s fashion.
Dresses handbags all the pretty things woman like to wear. If it has to do with fashion this will be easy to show off, people search for woman fashion items 6 times more than for curtains. Thats saying something, people like to search for curtains on E-bay. woman’s fashion tho gets more hits per minute than everything else on this list except for our number 1, and none of them stand a chance.
#1 – Consumer tech from name brands
If its “smart” And is made by a major electronics company, E-bay is the place to sell it or buy it. More than a search a second for these High end electronics will makes sure that someone will see what you have to sell, so long as it has a well known logo on it. Going for 30-40 dollars and being sold at an astonishing rate makes this E-bay item take our number one spot on this list of the best things to sell on E-bay.
Time for the question of the day.
What is the weirdest thing you would be willing to bid on E-bay, no matter what it is if it were legal or possible to find it on E-bay. what is the one thing you would bid anything for?
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