Do you need expensive camera to take Ebay photos

Very simple and easy setup to take eBay photos. Visit my shop Trading Post in Crystal Lake just google it.
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eBay Photography – Taking Photos Of Clothing For Ebay – Resale Renegade

Photography Kit:

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Creating an ebay / Amazon FBA photo studio for CHEAP- taking great photos!

How do you set up a photo studio? What do you do if you don’t have enough money to set up one?

The following is what I bought, only as a suggestion, I am not affiliated with any of them.

Lighting Kit:

Photo Backgrounds AND lighting: (they no longer the exact one I have)

Taking photos for eBay – Setting Up – Show More Sell More with

Taking photos for eBay - Setting Up - Show More Sell More with

Good quality images can help you sell your products on eBay. A good set up, will help you take pictures that help your products sell on eBay. In this video, we cover equipment, lighting and tips on how to capture small products using a home made light box.

There are three videos in the Show More Sell More series:
Set up:
The Shoot:

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