Why You Should Never Use the Default eBay Listing Title

In the ninth bonus video related to our tutorial on selling used music CDs on eBay, I discuss the default listing title on eBay and why you should not use it.

Although eBay’s listing title official policy is that sellers are not to copy another listing title, eBay still provides a default title to its sellers during the product listing process. The eBay catalog triggers the default title, presumably to save sellers time.

I discuss why the majority of sellers use the default listing title and how this simple fact gives you incredible opportunities to differentiate your eBay listings with your own, original titles. I also show you in great detail how writing your own listing titles specifically benefits you as a seller.


Lesson 1: Don’t Be Cheaper, Be Better

Lesson 2: The Best Selling CD Types

Lesson 3: Researching the Rare CD

Lesson 4: CD Condition Grading and More

Lesson 5: Our CD Pricing Strategy

Lesson 6: Taking Quality Photos

Lesson 7: The Complete CD Listing

Lesson 8: Shipping a CD Safely with USPS

Lesson 9: Best Way to Ship Multiple CDs

Lesson 10: Tips for Selling to CD Collectors

Bonus #1: Review of Discogs.com’s Catalog Number Database

Bonus #2: What Does the “AAD” or “ADD” Logo on an Audio CD Mean?

Bonus #3: What Is an Enhanced Music CD or “ECD”?

Bonus #4: How Is a Digipak Different than a CD Jewel Case?

Bonus #5: Why We Sell CDs on eBay vs Amazon

Bonus #6: The Best Way to Sell a Large CD Collection

Bonus #7: Where We Get Our CDs to Sell on eBay

Bonus #8: Our Complete eBay Camera Setup for Photographing CDs

Bonus #9: Why You Should Never Use the Default eBay Listing Title

Bonus #10: Shipping CDs Internationally

Bonus #11: Can You Ship CDs USPS Media Mail?

Bonus #12: Is Selling CDs on eBay Legal?

Bonus #13: Selling Copied, Burned, and Bootleg CDs on eBay

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