How to Setup your Ebay Partner Network

How to setup your Ebay Partner Network Setting up an Ebay Partner Network Account is now easier than ever.

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How to setup your Ebay Partner Network Setting up an Ebay Partner Network Account is now easier than ever. In order to qualify for an Ebay Partner Network Account, you should already own a domain site and have a solid plan for what you are going to do with this site or blog. Ebay’s affiliate application will be asking you about this, so be prepared to answer.

In order to setup your account with Ebay’s Partner Network, visit In the top right corner, click on the button that says “Apply Now!”. Follow instructions on the page to fill out the application. Once the application is filled out, there will be a 2-4 waiting period as Ebay reviews your information. After Ebay accepts your application, you will have full access to the Partner Network page.

Once you have logged into the Ebay Partner Network Page, click on the “Programs tab” in the menu at the top. This will show you a list of programs supported on Ebay Partner Network, including descriptions, payment structures, and application status. It is important to note that during registration, Ebay submits your application to all of the countries listed in the Ebay Partner Network.

Because certain countries have special rules, you may not have been eligible to participate in all of their programs.
Next, You will need to generate Ebay links to put on your website for your users to click on. These links can be found by clicking on the “Tools” tab.

Here, you will find an extensive range of links, banners, and widgets which can be implemented onto your blog or website. Simply select a tool and follow the step by step instructions on the page. Once all of your options have been updated, you will be given code to cut and paste to your site.
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An Ebay suspension is devastating. But if you’ve had your Ebay account suspended, don’t despair. There’s a way you can get back to buying and selling on eBay again by reading The Back On Ebay Manual.

The Back On Ebay Manual is the official guide for getting back to buying and selling after an eBay suspension by creating un-linkable eBay stealth accounts.

You will be able to buy and sell again just like when you first started. Even if your Paypal account has been limited.

What makes an eBay suspension even worse is that they won’t let you open another account.

But what you can do to get back to selling again is to open an un-linkable Account. Most people call these “Stealth Accounts”, but we prefer to call them “Un-Linkable Accounts” because that is a more accurate term.

The term “eBay stealth” might sound catchy and cute, but it is not as descriptive as “Un-Linkable Account” because the most important characteristic that these accounts must have is that they be un-linkable. The main idea is that these accounts should NOT be matched to your previously suspended account; therefore eBay cannot link and suspend them.

If you are not tech-trained, it can be quite difficult and time-consuming for you to figure out how to do this correctly. But by reading our manual, you will quickly know exactly what to do and you will realize how easy it really is.

If you learn from a team of professionals, who actually know what they’re doing, you will be able to create stable and reliable un-linkable accounts that will last indefinitely.

As a buyer of our manual, you will have access to Customer Support 7 days a week Free for Life.

We guarantee 100% that you WILL get back on Ebay after a suspension or your money back.

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