How To Make Money On Ebay (Tips, Tricks & Tools)

Here are the tips, tricks and tools you need to sell on ebay successfully as a beginner.

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I have been on eBay from 2002 to 2014. I have a lot of experience selling on eBay and dealing with the whole process. In this video you will find out exactly how to get started if you have no experience and you want to make your first money or side income online.

EBay is one of the easiest platforms to get started and start making money online.

What I did was I was selling new items on eBay. It is similar to Amazon where you can make quite a lot of money. EBay is a smaller marketplace, but it is big enough to make quite a lot of money.

There are three things you need to know and to do to get started on eBay:

1 – You need a PayPal account to receive money. It does not need to be a business account.
2 – You need something to sell.
3 – You need keywords. You need to know what to write in the title and in the description of your product.

If you know these things you will be able to rank and you will be able to know what people are looking for. That gets you sales automatically if you do the rest correctly.
How do you find items to sell? If you do a search on eBay you will find all these categories that you can choose from. What I recommend is look for kitchenware, especially wooden kitchenware and religious items. I would not sell editable stuff on eBay.

There is a special feature called completed listings. That way you will find out what has been sold in the past and the price that has been sold out. So, if you are going to sell this item the chances are that it is going to sell again, because if it is sold once, it will be sold twice. It is not a coincidence.

A lot of the people selling on eBay are from India, Hong Kong, China. It is a lot harder to get the item from them. A lot of the buyers are eager to buy locally. They are eager to buy from the United States. If you can ship the items in at a low cost and sell them at a higher price locally on eBay, then you are able to make a profit.

Once you select an item that sells now, then you need to get a sample item from suppliers. You should go to and you can get a bunch of sample items from 10 or 20 different suppliers that you found that are being sold on eBay.

Some of these items will end up selling and then you order actual supply of these items and then you sell some more. Then you have proof that these items can make you profit.

A lot of people buy a large supply of items and they do not even know that they will be sold. They risk a thousand dollars of supply. Never do that. You should actually check it up against the reality. Get some sales first with very small inventory and some sample items and if it sells a few times it is most likely going to keep selling.

Now you need to keyword target them, so that people can find your items more easily. There is a tool called “terapeak”. This is a keyword research tool. You can use it to fill in the title of your items and to write your description. Do not copy the same description. Have very bright, nice pictures and professional backgrounds.

Find the keywords that sell the most. If you use keywords, then people would buy. Find those types of keyword to combine with your major keywords. For example, if you sell wooden soup lethal, then your major keyword will be wooden soup lethal.

If you add those types of keywords to your title, then your product will be more desirable to the buyers. If you do that you are going to be able to charge more money.

What kind of money can you charge on eBay?

I recommend to build your reputation first and then put a price of your products above and under . Keep it nice and simple.

You do not want to go too low, because your profit margin is going to be too low and you do not want to go too high, because your risk is going to be higher and you will have very expensive inventory, which you do not want in the beginning. Stay away from that.
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