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By knowing the best selling items on ebay and to start a successful ebay business you’ll need the right ebay research tool to find out what sells best on ebay.

It cuts down the time needed to find the best selling items on ebay. It also grows your business profits by making you spend less time doing needless tasks.

Hot Products This Software Will Find Are Located At

I have been using this ebay auction tool for three years now and it has helped me to find whats hot on ebay. I now spend less time trying to figure out what sells on ebay.

A few other software programs that I had tried out had decent ebay market data but either were too expensive or they didn’t justify the cost. This eBay research tool called hot item finder shows you whats hot on ebay by category, auction counter hit, keywords that were used per bid, how many times a certain keyword occurred in the auction title, and so many other informative ways to get the information you needed that you won’t find with any other ebay auction tool.

If you typed in a specific keyword or phrase in the search box it gives you a choice to view your results with just the items that were sold or all ended listings whether they sold or not. Green would be the items that sold and red was for items that didn’t sell. It gives you a big advantage over other ebay sellers because it shows you what are the best selling items on ebay.

This ebay research tool makes finding out what sells on eBay a lot of fun because of how quick and easy it is to use. You can dig real deep into the software program depending on how hot of an item your searching for. You can start looking for auctions that have received at least 1 bid all the way up to 100 bids, which honestly doesn’t need to go that high to find a hot selling product, more than likely your not going to find many auctions with that many bids.

Depending on the product, I try to start my eBay research tool with about 10-15 bids, there you will see what’s selling very well. You’ll notice some bids around 40 to 50, those are the finest selling items on ebay. Once this ebay auction tool program is through with it’s search for a individual product, you have a filter option that will help you find which ebay seller had the greatest shipping cost.

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What sells on eBay? BOLO 10 things to sell on ebay for money

7 profitable electronic toys to resell on ebay from
Electronic toys can be a great seller on eBay, but there are a some problems that can occur with these products such as bad LCD screens, broken buttons and corroded battery compartments. If possible, always test any used product you want to sell online prior to purchasing so you don’t waste your time and money buying something that doesn’t work.

In this article I provide you with 5 toys you can sell on eBay for profit. If you checkout my eBay bolo list on Pinterest, you can find more money making products you can sell online. Also check out my entire blog to see what else sells on eBay.

1. Cube World – Up to 0.00 for a moderate sized lot around the holidays.

Some of you might recognize these funny little cubes with LCD screens made by Radica from 2005 – 2008. These cubes features electronic stick figures that could move from cube to cube when stuck together.

Cube world collectors, and artists are actively searching for these cubes collect, and create fun nostalgic worlds.

These toys can easily be found at garage sales, and thrift stores for next to nothing, and if you collect enough of them you can get over 0.00 around the holiday season.

2. Tomagotchi – Up to 0.00 factory sealed

Tomagotchi toys are very easy to miss, but can be found at yard sales and while you are out thrifting. They are the size of a large key chain, and come in various shapes and sized. Depending on the type and condition, these little key chains can fetch some pretty nice profits on eBay. One time at a thrift store, I found 5 of them for .00. I made a pretty hefty profit on the set.

3. Pokemon Pokedex – Regular up to .00 Gold deluxe up to 0.00 used!

The standard Pokemon Pokedex are fairly common to find at your local thrift marts, and garage sales and can fetch up to .00 online. They are bright red, and have Pokemon Pokedex on the outside. The Deluxe Pokemon Pokedex on the other hand is much rarer with a price tag of up to 0.00 used! In general Pokemon related toys are always worth looking into. You never know when you are going to find a gem in the toy section.

4. Nintendo Game and Watch – Up to 00.00

Nintendo Game and Watch handhelds have a very distinct look, and once you know what you are looking for you can easily spot them. These handhelds are not something that is common which is why they can sell for over 00.00 on some market places, but I have come across them. Make sure you do your research because the value of these handhelds depends on their conditions, and completeness.

Vintage tiger handhelds – Up to 0.00

Another handheld that you can keep your eyes out for are the vintage tiger handhelds. They come in various titles, and are very dependent on condition. If you find them new, these are your best bet, but there are some surprising titles such as Full house that sold used on eBay for .00


Knowing what sells on ebay is a snap if you know how to properly conduct research. These 5 electronic toys will definitely make you money on ebay if you come across them, but if you learn how to conduct your own reasearch ,or have an eBay coach to help you, you will be able to find your own stuff at garage sales & thrift stores to resell for profit.

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